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Clear Vinyl, Tinted, Frosted, Reinforced

also available in Tinted, frosted, heavy, lightweight and Polyester Reinforced.

Outdoor rated heavy duty materials. Different weights, textures, colors, constructions different uses.

Different weights of clear pvc vinyl material are good for different uses.

Heavier vinyl is stronger than lighter weight material. The 40 gauge is the heaviest it is very strong compared to the 10 gauge material. 40 gauge would be better in industrial uses. The 20 gauge is better for most uses including car and boat covers and for making a tent window. the frosted vinyl is better for decorations and things that don't need to stay outside for a long time. It has a fine surface that is a little scratchy and looks like a window that has iced water crystals on it. The tinted vinyl is also 20 gauge weight and is good for windows in tents, boat covers and car covers that need to block some of the light coming in. It almost looks like the tinting on a pair of medium dark sunglasses. A good plastic window material. reinforced vinyl has polyester fibers in the middle of two laminated sheets of vinyl like a sandwich. this vinyl is good for when you want a clear window but the window needs to be stronger and less likely to rip or tear. The polyester fiber mesh that is inside the vinyl layers prevents the material from stretching easily, and only comes in white. This material is good for luggage and bags that needs a see through window but might be prone to rough handling. It can also be used in industrial uses to make air ducts that can allow light to pass through, or to assist with cleaning and maintenance; a clear air duct will easily show when dust and debris have entered the air handling system.

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