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2mm Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh

Available in 11 Colors

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2mm Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh
Roll Size: 50 Yds. Model #: F07I-POVN-VINY-MX20-ZS
Priced as low as... $9.00 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 1.20 lbs. / Yard

2mm Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh is available in these colors

A good General Purpose Mesh

This vinyl coated mesh was designed specifically for outdoor use. It features UV resistant vinyl over a tough, flexible polyester mesh. Commonly used on Underwater Storage Bags, Traffic Safety Vests, Spa & Pool Covers, Divider Curtains, Outdoor Furniture, Sporting Goods, Agricultural Shade Cloth, Wet Mops, Truck Covers, Tennis Court Windscreens & Backstops.

Available in 11 standard & high visibility colors. Cut to order in One Yard increments. No refunds after order is cut. One Yard = 62" wide X 36" long (Approximately)

Special Note: Depending on factory conditions this material may be either 62" or 72" wide. We price and sell this material as a 62" wide material; you will NOT be charged extra if you receive 72" wide material.

Old Model Number: #FVM002

Color Sample Swatch Book for this material also contains other types of vinyl coated mesh - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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2mm Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh

Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 14 customer reviews
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Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh with 2.0 mm mesh size. twelve popular colors

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Great product, low cost, fast shipping - by , November 5, 2017
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