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1″ (25mm) Tri-Glides, Wide Sided, Steel MILSPEC

*Component of MOLLE system

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1″ (25mm) Tri-Glides *WIDE SIDED* MILSPEC MOLLE Component
1 Each Model #: H91A-STSP-TGMI-1000-ZS
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Strap Hardware for adjusting strap length, in steel, with wide sides for added strength - Made in America.

Constructed of Stamped sheet Steel, with Corrosion resistant coating. Tri-Glides are commonly used on webbing belts and carrying straps to adjust the length and neatly manage the slack by doubling it over. Usually used in conjunction with Side Release buckles or Snap-Hooks. Not intended for life safety devices. This variety has wider formed, barrel shaped sides for extra strength compared to regular straight sides. Refer to appropriate manuals for correct field usage. Meets Military Specifications described above. Available in Foliage Green and Coyote Brown - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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1″ (25mm) Tri-Glides *WIDE SIDED* MILSPEC MOLLE Component

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Tri-Glides (Strap Adjusters) MILSPEC MOLLE Component in three colors Black Drab, Coyote Tan, Foliage Green

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Great product, low cost, fast shipping - by , November 5, 2017
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