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(19mm) 3/4″ Stick On Grippin Strip™ Brand Hook & Loop

Similar to 3/4″ VELCRO®

Purchasing Information:

3/4″ **STICK-ON** Grippin Strip™ Hook & Loop Strip
Roll Size: 25 Yds. Model #: W40I-NYRU-GSSA-75ZS
Priced as low as... $1.97 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 0.0297 lbs. / Yard

Quantity Level


1- 24 Yard 0%
25- 124 Yard 10%
125- 249 Yard 15%
250- or more Yard 20%

Available in Black or White - Stick-On (with Self adhesive backing)

Everyone is familiar with this Standard, Hook and Loop Strip material. Constructed
of specially formed Nylon fibers. The hook or "scratchy" side is composed of rows
of hundreds of tiny, stiff, nylon fibers that are bent at the end to form tiny "hooks".
The loop or "fuzzy" side is a short, tight, napped nylon construction resembling wool.
The two sides mate together with light pressure and adhere to each other with a
surprisingly strong bond that makes a "ripping" sound when pulled apart.

Commonly used as a substitute for Zipperssnaps, buckles, clips, magnets and
other removable fastening hardware, its uses are only limited by your imagination.
Great for Straps and belts.

This "STICK - ON" or adhesive backed variety has a rubber based adhesive on
the back side that is protected with a smooth paper that when peeled away (and
discarded), exposes the rubber based adhesive. Designed to adhere to smooth,
clean surfaces; It is recommended that you clean the intended surface with a
rubbing alcohol swab before applying the strip for best results.

For Your convenience, we sell both sides separately, as well as together.
Maximum continuous length 75 Feet. No refunds on cut material.
Samples orders include both sides.

* For your convenience:
you have the option to buy Both the hook
and the loop
sides OR only the hook side, OR only the loop side.

Old Model numbers:
Both sides together #VRA075
"Fuzzy" side Only #VRA075F
"Scratchy" side Only #VRA075S

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