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Cam Buckle 1 inch Heavy Duty Metal

(25mm) Metal, 1500 lb. Capacity

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1″ (25mm) *Heavy Duty* Cam lock Buckle, Metal, 1500 lb. Cap.
1 Each Model #: H01I-PMNO-HCAM-1000-ZS
Priced as low as... $3.45 Each
Base Shipping Weight: 0.31 lbs. / Each

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1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 30%
500- 999 Each 35%
1000- or more Each 40%

Heavy Duty Alloy Metal Buckle

This Heavy Duty industrial style buckle is rated for 1500 lbs. static load! Body construction is Heavy Stamped steel plated with zinc for corrosion and rust resistance, with a cast alloy metal thumb release.

These heavy 1 inch cam buckles are ideal for tie down straps, and applications where size adjustment is more frequent than full detachment, and where a tensioning device (such as a ladder lock) would not be heavy enough. Recommended for use with Heavy Nylon Webbing. Fast and easy to tighten just by pulling webbing that is threaded out the top of the buckle. Also called tie down buckles
old model #B15MC100

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