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Fidlock® 25mm Magnetic V-Buckle

for 1 inch (25mm) webbing

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Fidlock® 25mm V-Buckle
1 Each Model #: H01I-PLMG-BUCV-ZS
Priced as low as... $7.24 Each
Base Shipping Weight: 0.090 lbs. / Each

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Durable Magnetic Buckle with Stainless Steel Lever

Fidlock's® Unique V-Buckle is a classy and functional addition to a new project or an upgrade for an existing old-school side release buckle. Features a patented design with powerful sealed magnets molded into the high strength, glass reinforced nylon (PA66-GF).

This buckle literally snaps securely together by itself when the two halves of the buckle are brought close enough together; without any conscious effort or articulate handling. In other words: This buckle can effortlessly be closed, while wearing the heaviest gloves or mittens, and in total darkness as this buckle makes a very distinctive snapping sound when latched properly.

However, just because it closes easily, doesn't mean it will open easily. Once latched, the buckle remains securely fastened until the pull cord on the stainless steel lever is pulled straight up. In fact, the more force pulling against the buckle, the more force needed to open it.

Great for dog collars, baby stroller straps, tactical gear, or any other application were extremely fast and effortless buckle attachment is required. But NOT for use as a seat belt buckle in a motor vehicle or aircraft or for use in straps or devices to support human loads.

Load Capacity: 70 kg (154 lbs.)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 34 x 72 x 14 mm (1.36 x 2.88 x 0.56 inches)
Weight: 22 g (less than 1 ounce)

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