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Rental Program for Large Grommet Setting Tools

Large (Over Sizes): #5 (5/8''), #6 (13/16''), #7 (29/32''), #8 (1_1/16''), #10 (1_1/2'')

Purchasing Information:

1 Each Model #: T01A-STNA-LGRA-NXXX-NA
Priced as low as... $100.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
#5 (5/8″) ------Renter Agrees to Rental Agreement- 3.20lbs.
#6 (13/16″) --Renter Agrees to Rental Agreement- 4.80lbs.
#7 (29/32″) --Renter Agrees to Rental Agreement- 4.90lbs.
#8 (1_1/16″) Renter Agrees to Rental Agreement- 5.00lbs.
#10 (1_1/2″) Renter Agrees to Rental Agreement- 8.00lbs.

Please Read Rental Agreement Below

Basic Summary of this agreement: keep the kit as long as you like; you don't have to return it, if you do return it, it will only cost you $50 plus shipping,
please include your name and/or order number
inside the package when returning rental kits, so we know who to refund when we get the kit back.
Please wear Safety Goggles when using kits. Thank You.

The renter must pay the full deposit for the grommet setting kit, and may use it for an unlimited amount of time. Upon return of the kit we will refund the deposit, less shipping & handling and the $50 rental fee. (renter pays shipping/handling both ways).

To ensure a timely refund of rental deposit (less rental fee), renter must include documentation indicating the customer's name, address and AHH order number when returning the rental kit. Documentation should be written legibly or typed on a standard size piece of paper 4" X 6" or larger and be included inside the package (not written on outside of package), a copy of the AHH rental receipt is acceptable.

The renter is not obligated to return the kit, and may at any time elect keep the kit and forfeit the entire deposit, without giving notice of such.

Rental Kits returned after the credit card used to pay for the rental deposit has expired, will incur an additional $50 charge (deducted from rental deposit.) and the renter must sign a credit card waiver authorizing AHH to issue a refund of the rental deposit by check. Allow 3 -4 weeks for processing of refunds by check.

When / if returning rental kits, the renter must return the kit by UPS or other common carrier with parcel tracking service and insure the package for the value of the deposit. The renter must keep a record of the parcel tracking number, so that he/she can prove that it was returned to us. We will not refund any deposit on a kit that the renter can not prove was returned to us.

Any damage to the kit except reasonably expected wear and tear, will be deducted from the renter's deposit upon the sole Discretion of American Home & Habitat Inc. The amount of the deduction will be calculated by the replacement cost of the individual components of the kit (punch or die set).

The renter assumes all liability for any and all damages incurred by renting and using the grommet setting kit and any other tools, implements, or hardware used in conjunction with the kit. The renter agrees to hold American Home & Habitat Inc. and it's employees
harmless and not liable for any damages incurred in any way shape or form from the use or misuse of said grommet setting kits. The renter further agrees to wear safety goggles and other applicable protective gear at all times when using the grommet setting kits.

Please read Grommet & Tool Usage Notes

By selecting, a grommet kit to rent above and clicking the "Add to Cart" button the renter agrees to the above rental agreement.

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