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Gnarly Wraps™ Reusable Hose & Cable Protector Sleeves

Constructed of Rubber Duc™ 18 oz. Coated Vinyl - Available in 9 industrial colors.

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Gnarly Wraps™ Reusable Hose
& Cable Protector Sleeves -
Made from Rubber Duc™ 18 oz. Coated Vinyl

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Gnarly Wraps™ Hose and Cable protection systems provide excellent protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and delicate cables prone to abrasion and chafing. Made in America from genuine Rubber Duc™ 18 oz. Coated Vinyl . Closure consists of Industrial Hook & Loop fastener rated for over 1,000 open and close cycles.

Our open wrap, 'peelable' design makes installation fast and easy, without requiring disconnection or removal of cables and hoses. Cuts labor costs significantly compared to old tube type abrasion sleeves. This post assembly feature of Gnarly Wraps™ helps eliminate costly maintenance and downtime of your machinery and equipment by reducing hydraulic system contamination and wear and tear on connectors and terminals that is prone to happen during removal and replacement required for older, tube type sleeves.

Our selection of optional trim allows for color coding, night time visibility and safety, as well as hose or cable content marking. Polypro webbing is available safety yellow, safety orange, safety red, blue, dark green, brown, grey and white. Other industrial color coded webbing is available with very low minimum orders. Reflective webbing trim featuring 3M Scotchlite™ for night time visibility is also available with Neon Orange or Neon Yellow backing. See trim specifications below

What is Rubber Duc™ 18 oz. Coated Vinyl

Rubber Duc is an all-around high performance material. Constructed from a woven Polyester core with a heavy coating of specially formulated, flame resistant vinyl. Weighs a full 18 ounces per square yard.

Completely waterproof and is usable in temperatures down to 55F below zero. Available in 9 Industrial colors.

This material is Vinyl COATED, not laminated Vinyl. There is a difference. Laminated vinyl is made by "sandwiching" a polyester substrate between two layers of vinyl and rolling it together with heat and pressure to bond this "sandwich" together. Under ideal conditions this bond is adequate to keep the material from peeling apart or "delaminating" as the industry calls it. Over time and with usage in extreme conditions this bond may begin to fail. (dramatically in some cases).

Coated Vinyl is made basically by running the polyester substrate through a vat of molten vinyl, cooling it slightly and then rolling it through steel rollers to give it an even texture and thickness. This coating process bonds the vinyl to the polyester core on a microscopic level, much more fully than laminating; creating a superior bond and a monolithic (one piece) composite.

*This material is also available in Berry Compliant MILSPEC Certified: Mil-C-20696E

Minimum orders, increased pricing, and significant lead times may apply for the MILSPEC certified version of this material. Please contact us for purchasing details.

Specification for standard Gnarly Wraps™ Hose Sleeves.

Other Industrial and Consumer Uses for Hose & Cable Protector Sleeves:

Offer resistance to sources of heat and ozone

Allow bundling and forced routing of multiple lines

Reduces or eliminates the need for disposable plastic cable ties that can cause damage to lines

Multiple hoses or cables can be enclosed in a single wrap with each line afforded independent motion

Improves appearance of equipment by concealing the clutter of hoses and cables

Provide excellent protection from Sunlight and U.V. light

Increase operator safety by helping to contain dangerous hose bursts and sprays of hydraulic fluid

Reliable in extreme temperatures from -60 F to 225F

Available up to 150 ft. long and can be cut to fit with regular scissors

Some uses for Gnarly Wraps™ Hose and Cable protector sleeves are:

Forklifts, excavating equipment, bull dozers / crawlers, cement trucks, front end loaders, backhoes, trackhoes, dump trucks, oil drilling rigs, boring machines, mining and logging equipment, skid steers, trenchers. Protective sleeves for welding leads and welding hoses. Often called Hydraulic Burst Sleeves.

The specifications for this product and its components are subject to change without notice.

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