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Gripp-Tac™ Pigskin Stretch Non Slip Fabric


It consists of a 100% polyester knit, stretchable fabric, coated with a textured coating of specially formulated Neoprene rubber. This "Pigskin Stretch" variety features a texture closely resembling pigskin*. This material is thinner and finer than regular Gripp-Tac™ and is specially formulated to be more stretchable along one axis, more flexible, and more lightweight. Use this fabric anywhere you need a water resistant, non-skid, abrasion resistant surface.

Some of the manufacturer's recommended uses are: Non-skid padding on luggage, patches on Hunting Jackets, Riding Britches, Sailing & Whitewater Rafting Shorts, Jet Ski seats, step pads & other Marine Uses, Soles of slippers and moccasins, Outdoor Furniture, Palm patching on gloves made for: hunting, mountain climbing, golf, water skiing, driving. Other customer uses include: covering for movable joints on robots and machinery to prevent debris and dust from entering into actuators, motors, gears and other moving parts.

*Completely synthetic material, NOT made from animal products. Cut to order in One Yard increments. No refunds after order is cut. This fabric is approximately 1/32" thick. One Yard = 55" wide X 36" long (Approx.) Old Model number: #FTT013 - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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Gripp-Tac™ Pigskin Stretch Non Slip Fabric

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Direct replacement for Toughtek® Pigskin Stretch, stretchable fabric

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Great product, low cost, fast shipping - by , November 5, 2017
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