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Gripp-Tac™ Dotted Non Slip, Self adhesive Strips

3'' X 50'' With Rubber Based Peel and Stick adhesive

Purchasing Information:

Gripp-Tac™ Dotted 3" X 50" Self adhesive Strip
1 Each Model #: F04I-SPSE-DOTT-ZS
Priced as low as... $8.40 Each
Base Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs. / Each

Quantity Level


1- 49 Each 0%
50- 99 Each 15%
100- 199 Each 17%
200- or more Each 20%

Dotted Texture, Slip Resistant Fabric - Similar to: Toughtek® Narraganset Non-Slip Fabric

Gripp-Tac™ Dotted Texture is a low stretch, non slip fabric consisting of a woven polyester base with an integral Texturized Rubberized PVC surface. This material is highly abrasion resistant, fluid proof, stain resistant. Superior grip characteristics wet or dry. Convenient Peel and Stick Strips are 3'' X 50'' feature rubber based adhesive.

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