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COVERT® Woodland Camo on 1000D Nylon MILSPEC

MIL-DTL-32439 Type 1, Class 3 - Superseding MIL-C-43734D - Berry Compliant

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COVERT® Woodland Camo on 1000D Nylon MILSPEC MIL-DTL-32439 T1, CL3
Roll Size: 55 Yds. Model #: F08MNYPU-COVR-1000-ZS
Priced as low as... $17.55 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs. / Yard

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Camouflage for transitional zones with sparse trees and shaded areas.

A definite improvement on the standard US Army issue woodland camo, which had very abrupt and well defined color patterns. This pattern is a little lighter in overall color tone than standard woodland camouflage and has a much more gradual color pattern and dithering, with smooth transitions between colors that work to diminish visibility and pattern recognition at closer ranges. Brighter shades of green for newer growth forested and bushy areas, black splotches and broken lines that indicate shadows and bare twigs, shaded complex brown daubs for simulation of leaf litter. Color fast and securely patterned on 1000 Denier MILSPEC nylon fabric.

Factory coated with a sprayed on, one half ounce per square yard, Polyurethane coating on one side for water resistance. Made in America. No refunds after order is cut. One Yard = 60" wide X 36" long (Approximately)

Selecting the right camouflage pattern - a perspective

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