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This Website works best with Google ChromeChrome Web Browser

This Website works best with Google Chrome Web Browser

Details on how to get the best performance and user experience on the ahh.biz website.

Google Chrome

As an Independent Online Retailer, and a responsible Web Developer, our company strives to design and maintain our website and web pages using error free HTML5 and the accepted coding standard put forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Our goal here, since we began in 2001, has always been to produce an attractive and thoughtfully designed e-commerce website that will ensure a pleasant user experience regardless of web browser, operating system, or device.

We have spent a lot of our company's resources and time over the years in this endeavor to create a truly “Universal” website, that looks and performs the same on all browsers.

However, certain powerful players in the web browser industry are not interested in designing their products with the goal of adhering to open programming standards and best programming practices that will provide a better user experience and ease of development, but rather, they seek to gain greater control over their users' information and the places those users get to go on the internet.

Due to the intentional, selfish, and inescapable actions of these large companies that make the browsers that determine how all of us experience the web, we have no choice but to focus our web design efforts into supporting a dominant web browser, and abandoning our long held ideal of universal support for all web browsers.

Therefore, as of January 1, 2019, we must reluctantly resign to choosing Google Chrome as the web browser that we will optimize our website to work best with.

Thank You, for your understanding.

You may download a free copy of Google Chrome for your device by clicking here.


A Thank You to Google for recognizing Veteran-led businesses.

Hey Google,

Thanks for the Challenge Coin and the thoughtful card you sent us in the mail with the following inscription:

“This National Veterans Small Business Week,
Google would like to recognize you and your
business with this special edition challenge coin.

We challenge you to pay it forward by sharing a photo of your
challenge coin and tagging a fellow veteran that has helped
you grow. Make sure to include #GrowWithGoogle and
#ChallengeCoin in your post.

Learn how Google is celebrating and helping veteran-led
business owners at grow.google/veteranled

Google is celebrating and helping veteran-led businesses by sending them a trinket; a Military Style Challenge Coin with the Google Logo on the back

We at American Home & Habitat Inc. appreciate what Google is doing to recognize small Veteran-led businesses like ours.

However Google, if you really wanted to show your appreciation for small Veteran-led businesses, you could return ALL the money you stole from us, and other small businesses with the massive Google Adwords pay-per-click fraud you perpetrated on thousands of small businesses, instead of the paltry $659.13 you sent us as part of the Google Adwords class action settlement.

Oh, and by the way Google... "Don't be Evil"

10/1/2020 Update:

Note: A scanned JPG image of the actual settlement check that Google sent to us should appear below this text inside an orange box (called an HTML "<div>" if you review the source code of this web page you will see it) . However, some website visitors using variants of Google's Chrome web browser have informed us that they were not be able to see the JPG image of the scanned check. This may indicate evidence that the Chrome browser is actually censoring what users see on the internet, in real time.

If you only see an empty orange box below this text, your web browser may be censoring what you see on the internet. Here is a PDF image of the check

      Google Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Check for $659.13 that represents a fraction of the money that was stolen from our company by Google's pay-per-click fraud

www.ahh.biz - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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Distributors, Converters, and Manufacturers of Industrial Textile Products since 2001
  • We Boycott Amazon - We don't buy products from Amazon, or sell any of our products or manufactured goods on Amazon, or do business with any Amazon companies.
  • We Support the Right to Manufacture in America Act - A proposal for Patent Law Reform to bring Manufacturing jobs back to the USA
  • AH&H Ships Internationally with: UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL
  • AH&H accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover / Novus, American Express, IMPAC Military Credit Cards, as well as checks or money orders
  • The AH&H Website is reliably served using the Linux / Apache OS Platform
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  • All AH&H Webpages are checked and certified using W3C Standards for valid XHTML 1.0 coding, to ensure a better user experience regardless of web browser
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