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Safety Flag with Dowel

Made in America using Genuine Rubber Duc™ 7S Safety Flag Vinyl

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Safety Flag with Dowel -Gnarly Wraps™ Brand - Made in USA
1 Each Model #: M09A-SPVN-SFDW-ZS
Priced as low as... $4.21 Each
Base Shipping Weight: 0.28 lbs. / Each

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10- 49 Each 10%
50- 99 Each 12%
100- 199 Each 15%
200- or more Each 15%

Highest quality Coated Reinforced Vinyl and a full 24 x 3/4 inch Wooden Stick

Gnarly Wraps™ Brand Transportation Safety Flags are made from Genuine Rubber Duc 7S, 7 oz. Polyester reinforced vinyl that is Coated, not laminated. The difference is a longer lasting flag that can handle highway speeds consistently longer life than cheaper, laminated vinyl materials.

 This material is Vinyl COATED, not laminated Vinyl. There is a difference. Laminated vinyl is made by "sandwiching" a polyester substrate between two layers of vinyl and rolling it together with heat and pressure to bond this "sandwich" together. Under ideal conditions this bond is adequate to keep the material from peeling apart or "delaminating" as the industry calls it. Over time and with usage in extreme conditions this bond may begin to fail. (dramatically in some cases).

Coated Vinyl is made basically by running the polyester substrate through a vat of molten vinyl, cooling it slightly and then rolling it through steel rollers to give it an even texture and thickness. This coating process bonds the vinyl to the polyester core on a microscopic level, much more fully than laminating; creating a superior bond and a monolithic (one piece) composite.

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