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Strap Parts & Strap Components

Make your own Webbing Straps & Belts or we can make straps for you

Buckles for WebbingBuckles
(Clips and Connectors)
Heavy Nylon Webbing 1.50 Inches - shown as a roll of narrow fabricWebbing
(Strap Material & Canvas Belt)
Elastic WebbingElastic
(Stretch Strap Material)
VELCRO® and other Hook and Loop Fastener SystemVELCRO® and other Hook n' Loop Fastener Systems
Military Grade & MILSPEC Strap & Webbing HardwareMilitary Grade & MILSPEC Strap Hardware
Grommet Setting Kits, Grommet ToolsGrommets
(Metal Eyelets and tools to install them)
Heavy Duty Sewing ToolHeavy Duty Sewing Tool
Hooks for Webbing, Hooks for StrapsHooks
(Snap Hooks, Carabiners & other
like strap fittings)
Ladder Locks, Cinch Locks (Webbing Strap Adjuster Hardware)Ladder Locks
& Cinch Locks
Tri-glides, Strap AdjustersTri-Glides
(Strap Adjuster Clips)
Hardware For Strap and Hardware for LuggageMiscellaneous
Fittings & Parts
Snap Setting Kit, Snap Fastener ToolsSnap Fasteners
(Snap Buttons)
Snap Setting Tools and Military Specification (MILSPEC) Snap ComponentsSnap Setting Tools
& MILSPEC Snap Components
Rings for webbing, Strap RingRings
(Webbing Loops, various shapes)
Professional Webbing Cutter / Heat SealerElectric Webbing Cutter/Sealer
Super Heavy Duty 100% Nylon ThreadHeavy Duty Thread
For Sewing Straps
& Harnesses
Heavy Duty Needle Assortment #2Heavy Duty Needles
Strap Hardware Safety NoticeView the Hardware
Safety Notice
Fabric Catalogs Available in Standard and Deluxe EditionBack by Popular Demand:
Printed Catalogs
AH&H Product Grid Color LegendAH&H Product Grid Color Legend

If you can't draw a diagram to send us, to show how your strap should be made:

Use these strap components to make your own straps, or we can make your straps for you, just send us a simple diagram with measurements.

We Also Have:

Gnarly Wraps™ reusable hose and cable protector sleeve
Gnarly Wraps™ Hose Protectors
1.5'' Flat Woven Elastic Webbing (38mm)
1 1/2'' Flat Woven Elastic Webbing (38mm)
Grommet Setting Kit Size 8 - Set Grommets with this kit that have a 1_1/16'' hole
1 1/16'' (Size 8) Grommet Setting Kit
1.8mm Pre-Weave Vinyl Coated Mesh in 6 Colors - Vinyl Coated mesh made from Polyester fiber coated before weaving into Mesh
1.8mm Pre-Weave Vinyl Coated Mesh in 6 colors
Leather Sewing Palm Accessory assists in sewing heavy fabric and leather - works like a thimble that is strapped to your hand
Sail Maker's Leather Sewing Palm
Snap Hook With Side Retainer MILSPEC MIL-S-43770/2A - Special use hook for webbing and straps
Snap Hook W/ Retainer MILSPEC MIL-S-43770/2A
1'' Rubber Duc™ brand Rubber Coated Webbing Smooth Glossy 100 weight
1'' Smooth Rubber Coated Webbing,100 weight