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Rings for Webbing Straps & Luggage

Different Shaped webbing rings used for luggage and straps, usually used for joining straps or other types of hardware.

Military Grade & MILSPEC Strap & Webbing HardwareMILSPEC Hardware
Now in a Separate Section
d-rings''Dee'' - Rings
several Varieties and finishes to choose from
Loop RingsLoop Rings
Several Varieties and finishes to choose from
O-Rings''O'' - Rings
Nickel Plated Steel
2 sizes
Triangular RingsTriangular Rings
Black Plastic
2 sizes
Tabbed D-Rings, High Strength Black Plastic 2 sizesTabbed D-Rings
Black Plastic
2 sizes
Universal Ring ClampsUniversal Ring Clamps
Special D-Rings - Black Plastic - Extra Strong, 3 sizesSpecial D-Rings
High Strength Design, Black Plastic,
3 sizes
Key Ring, Split type, Nickel Plated SteelKey Ring, Split Type
Nickel Plated Steel
Clamped D-Rings, Nickel Plated, 3 SizesClamped D-Rings Nickel Plated Steel
3 Sizes
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Strap and Luggage Rings

Rings come in different sizes and shapes to fit on different size straps with various purposes and requirements. Metal strap rings are often more durable than plastic, but plastic rings are lighter weight and less likely to scratch or mar other items. Some rings are designed to be attached to snap hooks while others are used with tri-glides or other strap adjusters and allow the webbing to pass through them freely when adjusting the length of the strap.

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