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Elastic Webbing and Round Shock Cord

Rubberized Stretchable Webbing and Cordage, flat elastic for sewing and making stretchable straps.

Tendo-Tex™ High Performance Shock Cord 3/8″ (9.52mm) 1/4" Elastic Webbing 1/2" Elastic Webbing 3/4" Elastic Webbing
Round Elastic Shock Cordin Sizes
3/32" - 1/2" Now in separateSection
1/4" Flat Knitted
 Elastic Webbing (6mm)

1/2" Flat Knitted
Elastic Webbing (13mm)
3/4" Flat Knitted
Elastic Webbing (19mm)

1" Elastic Webbing 1.5" Elastic Webbing 2" Elastic Webbing
1" Flat Woven
 Elastic Webbing (25mm)
1 1/2" Flat Woven
 Elastic Webbing (38mm)
2"  Flat Woven
 Elastic Webbing (50mm)
Catalogs Available in Standard and Deluxe Edition with samples of our fabric, vinyl, webbing, shock cord, mesh and netting.
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Printed Catalogs

Elastic is used for many different textile and fabric applications that require a stretchable band to keep tension on an item. It is available as flat elastic webbing and also as round elastic shock cord.

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