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Fabric, Mesh, and

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Heavy Duty Fabric and CORDURA®

Also water resistant heavy duty fabric, Canvas material made from cotton is now in a separate section.

Cotton Canvas and Number Duck is now in a separate sectionCottonCanvas
Now in a Separate Section
Nylon Pack Cloth Fabric - 400 Denier400 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth
500 Denier CORDURA® Heavy Duty Nylon Fabric - Made in America-Genuine-
500 Denier CORDURA®
CORDURA® Durable Fabric - 1000 Denier Heavy Duty Nylon Fabric - Made in America-Genuine-
1000 Denier CORDURA®
200 X 500 Denier Glossy Nylon Heavy Duty Fabric200 X500 Denier Glossy Nylon
1050 Denier ballistic nylon; Heavy Duty Fabric - Made in America1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon
1680 Denier Luggage Fabric1680 Denier Luggage Grade Nylon
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Industrial Use Textiles

Heavy Duty Fabric for a variety of uses.

www.ahh.biz is an Authorized Distributor of Genuine CORDURA® Durable Fabrics
CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics

Our heavy duty fabrics that have a polyurethane coating are water resistant fabric.

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We Also Have:

Gnarly Wraps™ reusable hose and cable protector sleeve
Gnarly Wraps™ Hose Protectors
Camouflage Fabric: Universal III Milspec on 1000D CORDURA® Nylon Fabric
Universal III Acid wash 1000 D CORDURA® MIL-C-43734D, CL 2/3
Plastic 1'' (25mm) Ladder Locks MILSPEC Cert. (type of webbing strap adjuster)
Ladder Lock 1'' Plastic MILSPEC Cert.
Gripp-Tac™ Tactical Grip Material - low stretch, abrasion resistant, slip resistant composite material. Available in 6 Tactical and Military Colors
Gripp-Tac™ Tactical Grip Fabric (6 colors)
Tubular Nylon Webbing 3''
3'' Tubular Nylon Webbing (50mm)
70 Denier Nylon Taffeta + PVC - This composite fabric consists of a fine Nylon taffeta with Vinyl laminated on the back
70 Denier Nylon Taffeta + PVC
Canvas: Wide Width 84'' Medium Weight Cotton #10
Natural Cotton #10 Mediumweight Canvas Wide Width 84''