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Fabric, Mesh, and

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Heavy Duty Fabric, Canvas, Vinyl, Mesh & More

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Heavy Duty Fabric Cotton Canvas Vinyl Fabric & Vinyl Composite Materials Vinyl Coated Mesh Specialized Fabric & Materials
Heavy Duty Fabric
most of our water resistant
fabrics are in this section
Cotton Canvas/
 Cotton Duck
Vinyl Fabric &
Vinyl Composites
Vinyl Coated Mesh Specialized Material
 & Exotic Fabric
Rubberized Materials & Fabrics Mesh & Netting Fabric & Materials (Uncoated) Mesh - Military Grade & MILSPEC Camouflage Fabric & Materials catalogs with fabric samples
Rubberized Material Mesh & Netting
Mesh - Military Grade
Camouflage Material Back by Popular demand:
Printed Catalogs

Many types of heavy duty fabric, vinyl, canvas and mesh, as well as rubberized materials, camouflage materials and other specialized materials; for a variety of uses and applications.

We Also Have:

Gnarly Wraps™ reusable hose and cable protector sleeve in Vinyl
Gnarly Wraps™ Hose Protectors made from Vinyl
A one Piece Molded Rubber Handle for luggage repair
Molded One-Piece Flexible Handle
Cord Lock for Shock Cord - Fits 3/32'' and 1/8'' shock Cord
Cord-Lock for 3/32'' & 1/8'' shock cord
1.5'' Flat Woven Elastic Webbing (38mm)
1 1/2'' Flat Woven Elastic Webbing (38mm)
Grommet Setting Kit Size 10 - Installs Grommets that are have a full 1_1/2'' center hole
1 1/2'' (Size 10) Grommet Setting Kit
Military Tent Material with IR Blocking - This Vinyl Composite has laminate that blocks infra-red light meets Milspec # MIL-PRF-44103D Classes 1 and 2
Military Tent Material with IR blocking
Tri-Glides, White Plastic - Webbing adjuster hardware for straps
White Delrin® Plastic, 4 sizes