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  Product Page, Top Data Entry Form

Basic Product Information

Index #:

Official Product Name: // This field will display on Shopping Cart as Product Name

Base Picture Path and Name: // Main Picture URL (with trailing slash after ahh.biz to end .jpg)

Nav Bar Levels: // found in "Picture Path and Name" field (above). Select the number of folders before file name,
/fabric(1)/heavy(2)/images(3)/some-sort-of-heavy-fabric.jpg = 3 levels

Page Element Display Options

Banner Type: // This field will determine top banner type displayed on page

"We Have Bar" Controls

Display Spots:
// Number of pictures to display in the We Have Bar (Revised in 2016) Now: always 6

Always Display 01:
// Top Display Slot - always set this to (0) (ZERO) to display random priority promotional products

Always Display 02:
// Leave to (0) (ZERO) for Random

// Display Slots 3 through 10: If applicable enter database number of item to always display in this slot, or enter (0) (ZERO) for Random.
Always Display 03:

Always Display 04:

Always Display 05:

Always Display 06:
Always Display 07:

Always Display 08:

Always Display 09:

Always Display 10:

Meta Data
IMPORTANT NOTE: Data Fields in this section are limited by character length. All text must fit within spaces provided without scrolling

Page Title: // Displays on Web Browser Tab - Leave to (x) to use official product name

Keywords: // All Lower case - Separate all Keywords and phrases with a comma - Not visible to user but used by Search Engines. Separate by 1 comma and 1 space.
fabric, heavy, nylon, ballistic nylon, coated nylon, cloth

Page Description:
// Brief Synopsis of product, or subject of what is on the web page. Max length: 150 characters (2 lines)

Product Picture Controls

Number of Thumbnails: // Number of picture enlargement thumbnails - Max: 8 (leave to 1 if unknown)

Color Bar Height: //  Color Bar: enter pixel height of color bar (number only) or (x) for no color bar or if unknown.

Page Heading & Product Description Controls
NOTE: H1 Tag, P under H1, and H2 Tag  Fields are limited by character length. All text entered in those fields must fit within space provided without scrolling.
The description field has no length limit.

H1 Tag: // Page Heading at top of page leave to (x) to use official product name

P under H1:
// Paragraph Under the H1 Tag,  (information to supplement to page heading) not all pages require this.

H2 Tag:
// 2nd Page Heading (sub heading)

Product Description: // No length limit, special characters permitted. Proper spelling & grammar is essential.
Important: Use double line breaks at the end of each paragraph.       <br /><br />


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