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Fabric, Mesh, and

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Vinyl Coated Mesh Fabric

Textile Mesh Fabric that is coated or dipped in Vinyl or made from extruded PVC strands reinforced with textile fiber

Regular Uncoated Mesh with holes 12mm or less in size - now in a separate sectionUncoated Mesh (Under 13mm holes size)
Is now in Separate Section
Netting Material - with holes sizes 13mm or greater - now in a separate sectionNetting Material (13mm or greater hole size)
Is now in separate section
Camouflage Netting and other military specification mesh - Now in a separate section of our websiteMilitary Grade Mesh & Netting
Is now in Separate Section
Textilene® Chenille outdoor vinyl meshTextilene® Chenille Outdoor Vinyl Mesh
Textilene® 'Twists' outdoor vinyl meshTextilene® 'Twists'Outdoor Vinyl Mesh
Textilene® 'Fantasty' outdoor vinyl meshTextilene® Fantasy Outdoor Vinyl Mesh
Textilene® Plain Weave outdoor vinyl meshTextilene® Plain Outdoor Vinyl Mesh
1.8mm Pre-Weave Vinyl Coated Mesh in 6 Colors1.8mm Pre-Weave Vinyl Coated Mesh 6 colors
0.75mm Vinyl Coated Solar Mesh in 9 Colors0.75mm Vinyl Coated Solar Mesh 9 colors
2.0mm Vinyl Coated Mesh in 13 Colors2.0mm Vinyl Coated Mesh 13 colors
We also Make Custom Vinyl Mesh Tarps - Now with Instant Online Price QuoteWe also make Custom Vinyl Mesh Tarps
Tarp Section
Cargo Nets and Webbing Nets - We custom Manufacture Cargo Nets from Nylon and Poly webbing, nearly any size.Cargo Nets &
Webbing Nets
Now in separate section
Material & Fabric Color Swatch BooksColor Swatch Books
Contain Samples of Fabric, and also Vinyl, Mesh, and Webbing
Fabric Catalogs Available in Standard and Deluxe EditionBack by Popular Demand:
Printed Catalogs
AH&H Product Grid Color LegendAH&H Product Grid Color Legend

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) dipped or coated mesh fabric

Mesh, Vinyl Coated for various applications and industries

We Also Have:

Replacement Adjustable shoulder straps for bags and luggage
Adjustable Shoulder Strap for Bags & Luggage
Cotton Webbing 2''
2'' Cotton Webbing (50mm) 7 COLORS
1'' Rubber Duc™ brand Rubber Coated Webbing Smooth 25mm, 35 weight
1'' Smooth Rubber Coated Webbing,35 weight
A cotton canvas with Acrylic Primer made for painting
Primed Cotton Artist's Canvas (Sign Cloth)
Straps for keeping luggage and suitcases closed
Heavy Duty Poly-Pro Luggage Straps
Polypropylene Webbing - Heavy 3''
3'' Heavy Polypro Webbing (75mm)
Grommet Setting Kit size 6 - This kit installs grommets with 13/16'' holes
OVERSIZE 13/16'' (Size 6) Grommet Setting Kit